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Become A Member!

Become A Member!
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How to become a member:

The sign up process is a little tedious this is why I will go over the benefits of the site first and if you are still interested you may read on to find out how to become a member. Benefits of becoming a member include.


  • Completely secure and well maintained message board


  • Chats scheduled for every week


  • A Certified RN at your service for any questions or concerns you may have


  • Myspace, Xanga, and other groups to connect you with other members


  • Assistance with finding local help in your area if needed


  • Scheduled group meetings for each state and or county (IF applicable at time where you are located.)


  • A chance to make a difference through our Bundlesoflove Organization’s charities



These are the many benefits of becoming a member. Since the site is high security, we will need a proof of pregnancy or child in one of the forms below:
  • Statement from your doctor stating that you are pregnant


  • Some ultrasounds are applicable


  • A picture of you and your pregnancy bump with a sign saying Bundlesoflove


  • A birth certificate or some type of paper with you and your child’s name on it


  • A picture of you and your child holding a sign saying Bundlesoflove


  • Referral form from one of our sponsors


Once proof of pregnancy or child is obtained we will than proceed by having you fill out a questionaire form so that we can learn more about you and find out how we may be able to benefit you and others through our organization.


Now the sign up process would be done and you would have access to all of the sites great features!

If this is something you are interested in please fill in the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly!


Interest In Joining